We both grew up in New York City, The Bronx and in the Washington Heights area. , Both very cultural urban areas. We grew up watching anime. Mesmerized by it's visual storytelling and creative aesthetics. I was also into video games and software development, and later in life decided I want to teach our youth information technology. Japanese animation was full of dynamic characters and intricate plots, as well as unique art styles that inspired us to be creative. At the same time, growing up in an era where the internet was exploding and music was mainstream, we were inspired to mix amine style characters with a hip-pop streetwear.

Inspired by their love of anime and the culture of hip-hop, we decided to build a clothing brand that unites these two powerful forces. They wanted to bring the energy, boldness and unique style of both art forms together in a fashion statement that would appeal to a global audience. Drawing on our own personal experiences, we carefully crafted their brand’s visual identity. From anime-inspired graphics to vibrant color schemes and elements inspired by the streetwear fashion that’s so popular in hip-hop, his clothing line was born. By bringing these elements together, we bridged the divide between subcultures to create a new fashion story that celebrates diversity and artistic expression.

We’re dreamers from the worlds of anime and hip-hop. Growing up in Washington Heights and The Bronx, NY, we were inspired by both worlds. Combining our love of both, we set out on an incredible journey to create a revolutionary clothing brand that appeals to a wide variety of people.

Welcome to our world!